Village life

«In winter, one would expect to be stopped by the « Who goes there ? » warning cry of a well wrapped up sentry as falling snow draws a curtain over the rest of the world. Blue skies and blinding sunshine return soon, as the wind blows plumes of powder snow off every mountaintop. In summer, leaning on the rampart under a scorching sun you may imagine being at the helm of a ship winding its way through the mountains. However unusual, tiny Mont-Dauphin is also a village like any other, with its town hall

and its café, its arguments and laughs over glasses of pastis , its parties when tables are set under the trees and bottles of rosé wine lined up on the tables. Walk down main street, turn right to the large church square and look around. The scenery has not changed since Vauban's times : the summer wind still starts blowing at 11 a.m. sharp and drops when the sun sets. Nowhere else are skies as pure. »

François Raitberger extrait de Mont-Dauphin fev 2007